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Control NumberApplicantProject DescriptionDate ReceivedReview Close
24-E-0000-0319 Sheetz, Inc. Proposed project is for the construction of a retail gas station with convenience store located at 701 Smokey Park Hwy in Candler, NC. Project will include construction of the building, parking lot, dispenser canopies and UST system. The project scope of work will include construction of lot access points from adjacent roads, installation of new utilities, and construction of storm water controls per requirements from governing agencies. 06/17/2024 07/17/2024
24-E-0000-0320 North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Proposed project is for the construction of Abbey Spring, a multi-family residential development in Apex, NC. The proposed project will consist of a new 3-story, 84-unit apartment building for low to moderate income seniors. Construction and site development will also include the installation of utility and stormwater infrastructure, and ninety-four parking spaces, including 13 accessible spaces. 06/19/2024 07/19/2024
24-E-0000-0321 North Carolina Global TransPark Proposed project will be for the construction of a 517,000 square foot facility, accessory buildings, and approaches wholly on NCGTP-owned property, in Kinston, NC. The US Navy Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE), based at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC, desires to use the facility for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of their C-130 aircraft fleet and helicopters. 06/20/2024 07/22/2024
24-E-4600-0322 Town of Waynesville Proposed project will install approximately 1,435 lf of new sewer extension along Sawyer Street and Explorer Street with installation of six new gravity sewer manholes, connect to one existing manhole, install 24 new LMI eligible sewer service lines, reconnect four existing sewer service lines and replace approx. 405 lf of 8" gravity sewer line. 06/21/2024 07/22/2024
24-E-4600-0323 City of Lumberton The City of Lumberton proposes to implement the Lumberton Loop Project to mitigate flood hazards in the City of Lumberton within Robeson County, NC. The Proposed Action includes stream and floodplain restoration, wetland creation, as well as recreational and access enhancements. The City would implement the following components:
Meadow Branch channel and floodplain restoration and wetland creation, Walnut Street re-striping for a bike lane, Scottish Packing Site wetland creation, Five Mile Branch trail and parking area creation.
06/24/2024 07/24/2024
24-E-0000-0325 Rutherford County Airport Authority Rutherford County Airport east side development project to develop the east side along the
existing runway 19 for expanded aviation use located in Rutherfordton, NC.
06/25/2024 07/25/2024
24-E-4600-0326 New Goloka Village LLC Orange County has initiated a Zoning Atlas Amendment (conventional rezoning) to amend to the Upper Eno Critical and Lower Eno Unprotected Watershed boundary line. No amendments are proposed to the zoning district, other overlay district, or Future Land Use Map. Parcel pin 9863-09-3922, 9864-00-2205 06/25/2024 07/25/2024
24-E-3700-0327 Orange County Planning & Inspections Orange County has initiated a Zoning Atlas Amendment (conventional rezoning) to amend to the Back Creek Protected and Upper Eno Protected Watershed boundary line. No amendments are proposed to the zoning district or Future Land Use Map.

Location: PIN 9835-67-1605
06/26/2024 07/26/2024
24-E-0000-0328 Town of Elizabethtown The Town of Elizabethtown, NC aims to relocate the existing fuel farm at the Curtis L. Brown, Jr. Field (EYF). The fuel farm will be relocated from one section of the developed pad to another. 06/26/2024 07/26/2024
24-E-0000-0329 City of Concord Proposed project is for rehabilitation of the northern portion of the general aviation apron and taxilane “A1” at the Concord-Padgett Regional Airport in Concord, NC. This project aims to mill and replace two (2) inches of P-401 Bituminous Concrete over the norther portion of the apron system and taxilane “A1” due to cracked and aged bituminous concrete. 06/26/2024 07/26/2024
24-E-0000-0330 USDA Forest Service Proposed project is to improve habitat for Brook Trout within the Alarka Creek watershed in Swain County, NC. The project consists of Decommission approximately 0.5 miles of western portion of Forest System Road (FSR) 86E. Place approximately 0.9 miles of FSR 86E into storage in accordance with FSM 7705. Decommission a non-system road south of Alarka Creek and the headwaters of Cold Springs Branch. Replace two existing undersized culverts with natural fords with one location on 86F and 86G. Install features around perimeter (approximately 0.25 miles) of wildlife opening to limit vehicular access to the opening and protect associated resources. 06/27/2024 07/26/2024
24-E-0000-0332 USDA Forest Service The proposed project aims to decommission Wilson Lake and implement watershed improvement measures in the vicinity. The primary goal is to rehabilitate the Wilson Lake watershed to a state more conducive to native aquatic life, while also mitigating the risks of dam failure and sedimentation. The plan includes restoring the stream channels in the upper and a segment of the lower Wilson Lake to resemble natural stream channels, enhancing the passage for aquatic organisms. 06/27/2024 07/27/2024
24-E-0000-0333 North Carolina Housing Finance Agency The proposed project is for the construction of Rockspring-Powell Place, a multi-family residential 10-unit rental development in Henderson, NC. The project is on a 1.5-acre site for qualifying populations including those who are homeless, at-risk of homelessness, fleeing, or attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking.

Vance County PINs: 0058 04002, 0096 06004, 0096 06016, and 0096 06001, and are situated along Denver Street (PIN 0058 04002), West Rockspring Street (PINs 0096 06004 and 0096 06001), and Powell Street (PIN 0096 06016).
06/28/2024 07/29/2024
24-E-0000-0334 USDA Forest Service The Subregion strives to increase the pace and scale of watershed resiliency projects to prepare Forest Service infrastructure and decrease risk from predicted climate change threats of increased storm magnitude and frequency. Improving watershed resiliency decreases potential climate change impacts to ecological, aquatic, recreational, and community resources and services. It simultaneously benefits watershed condition, water quality, and aquatic habitat connectivity. NC National Forests: Nantahala, Pisgah, Croatan, and Uwharrie 06/28/2024 07/29/2024
24-E-0000-0331 North Carolina Housing Finance Agency The proposed project involves constructing a multi-family residential complex. The Roxboro Housing Authority intends to establish a non-congregate shelter for the homeless and six duplexes, which will offer one and two-bedroom units for permanent rent. This development is slated for the northern and central sections of a plot donated to the Roxboro Housing Authority's non-profit arm, the Roxboro Community Redevelopment Corporation (RCRC), with the Parcel PIN: 85 18. 06/27/2024 07/29/2024
25-E-0000-0001 Elizabethtown Airport Elizabethtown Airport is planning to construct metal hangar buildings that include office space for aviation tenants, along with associated apron areas and vehicle parking. The development will encompass grading, paving, drainage, utilities, possible stormwater management, and the acquisition of erosion and sediment control permits. 07/02/2024 08/01/2024
25-E-4220-0002 NCDOT Highway Division 4 The project proposes improvements to NC 43 (Dortches Boulevard), from SR 1613 (Woodruff Avenue) to I-95 in Dortches, NC. TIP U-2561C 07/03/2024 08/02/2024
25-E-0000-0003 USDA Forest Service The proposed project involves the expansion of the right-of-way (ROW) for Duke Energy Progress's (DEP) 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line from Canton to Pisgah. The proposal includes widening the existing transmission line ROW and Hazard Tree Zones to 75 feet on each side, resulting in a total of up to 150 feet for the combined ROW and Hazard Tree Zones.

Information regarding this project can be found on the project website at

07/05/2024 08/05/2024
25-E-4600-0004 City of Gastonia The proposed project encompasses a housing rehabilitation program for approximately 15 to 22 properties in Gastonia, NC. 07/09/2024 08/08/2024
25-E-0000-0005 Curtis L. Brown, Jr. Field (EYF) Airport Proposed project is the Vulcan Building Construction at Curtis L. Brown, Jr. Field (EYF) Airport, a 40,736 square foot commercial building on pre-cleared land in the Elizabethtown Corporate Air Park, adjacent to EYF. The building will have an eave height of 24 to 29 feet and feature a roof with a 1/12 pitch. The project requires minimal excavation for the footings, concrete slab, and connections to nearby water, sewer, and electrical utilities, all within 5 feet of the building's footprint. 07/09/2024 08/08/2024
25-E-0000-0006 Sheetz, Inc. The proposed project involves constructing a retail gas station with an attached convenience store at 11 Airport Park Road, Fletcher, NC. The development will span 2.12 acres and include the main building, parking facilities, dispenser canopies, an underground storage tank (UST) system, and an extra parking lot for the airport. The scope of work encompasses the construction of the lot, creation of access points from neighboring roads, installation of new utilities, and the establishment of stormwater controls. 07/11/2024 08/12/2024
25-E-0000-0007 National Institutes of Health Proposed project is for the rehabilitation of the Discovery Lake Dam located in Durham County, NC. The primary purpose of the Proposed Action is to ensure that the Discovery Lake Dam continues to provide flood protection to downstream properties. A secondary objective of the Proposed Action is to stabilize shoreline areas of the lake to prevent and minimize erosion. Collectively, the repairs and improvements would ensure the dam continues to operate in a safe and effective manner. 07/12/2024 08/12/2024
25-E-0000-0008 Working Landscapes The project proposes improvements to an existing structure at 221 W. Franklin Street, Warrenton, NC, to expand the range of products available for sale. Funding will be used to restore and repair the structure, including adding utilities, external repairs, and installing interior infrastructure such as a concrete floor, walls, and ceilings. Additionally, a loading dock will be added. The structure will be used to process and shell beans. The project focuses solely on structural improvements and will not involve ground-disturbing activities outside the existing building footprint, except for the proposed loading area. 07/12/2024 08/12/2024